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Love a bargain? With our lucky dip treat mixes you get all of the goodness of our natural pick n mix treats, with 25% extra for the same great price!


Like all of our mixes, all of our lucky dip treats are...


Made from 100% natural, human grade meat

Free from preservatives, chemicals, grains or additives

Safe for puppies 4 months and over

Ethically sourced

Sealed in eco-friendly packaging


Pack Size: 125g


*Not advised for dogs with allergies*




Variety is hugely beneficial for dogs, each individual protein has its own balance of nutrients. Broadening your dog's diet can help maximise their nutritional intake. For puppies, introducing new proteins at an early age can prevent allergies developing in later life.


Lucky Dip Treat Mix

  • Each mix contains a random selection from our natural pick n mix treats. Ingredients will be listed on individual bags.