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100% Wild Boar. Natural, healthy and tasty.


With its novel 'gamey' flavour, these chews are not only tasty but provide a range of health benefits. Considered a " cooling meat" by the ancients, helping to reduce inflammation, these chews are high in protein, highly digestible, naturally hypoallergenic and great for dogs with food sensitivities.


With absolutely nothing added, these chews are literally what they say they are - simple, honest and 100% pure!






"Often, when exploring an elimination diet, we can get stuck using just one or two proteins. In the long run diversity is hugely benificial as each meat has it's own unique nutritional profile. Novel and exotic proteins are a great choice for dogs with allergies, allowing you to widen their nutritional intake without necessarily risking an inflammatory reaction."


Wild Boar Chews

  • 100% Wild Boar