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  • Coming soon: The Dog and Hound Anti Pull Harness.


    Chest harnesses are designed to offer control and security, while distributing the "pull" across the dog's chest rather than around the neck. This is much more safe and comfortable for your dog, and much more effective for training dogs who pull on the lead. 


    Both the neck and chest straps are adjuastable to ensure a perfect fit regardless of breed or size. We find this style of harness particularly usefull for young pups (who tend to outgrow fixed neck harnesses within a few weeks)



    • Safe, secure and comfortable
    • Fully adjustable
    • Quick release buckles
    • Reflective, hi vis strips for walking after dark
    • Breathable mesh, oxford outer, 3m luminous straps.




    "A well fitted chest harness is the best (and kindest) option for dogs who pull on lead. The resistance is spread across the chest and ribcage- avoiding pressure on the delicate trachea and shoulder area. This is particularly helpful for brachiocephalic dogs (cavaliers, bulldogs, pugs) and extra small breeds such as Chihuahuas."   



    "Wow what a difference! Harris is a pleasure to walk"


    "This is a great harness. I was a little bit reluctant as Siri has twice got out of her previous harness. However this one fits perfectly with the adjustable straps and of course looks great"

    The Dog and Hound Anti Pull Harness

    • Small: Neck 32-48cm, Chest 38-50cm

      Medium: Neck 40-58cm, Chest 48-64cm

      Large: Neck 48-70cm, Chest 64-74cm