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Turkey Jerkies - They're Gobble-icious!!


With rosehip, ginger, walnut leaves camomile and other natural herbs. Our Turkey Jerkies are delicious and nutritious. Turkey meat is lean and easily digestible, making it a great choice for dogs with a sensitive tummy. The herbs in our Turkey Jerkies have been specially chosen for their natural worming properties. Great for dogs of all ages and sizes. 





"Herbs and botanics have many health boosting properties. These treats are a great way to keep worms and parasites at bay between treatments and can give an all round boost to digestive health. "


Turkey Jerkies

  • 96% Turkey, 4% Herbs, (rosehip, caraway, coconut, thyme, pumpkin seeds, fennel, ginger, walnut leaves, elm bark, camomile, yarrow)